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New report to determine bomb hoax suspect's fate

Zeljko Causevic arrested after telling JIA screen he had bomb

Zeljko Causevic appears in court Wednesday afternoon.
Zeljko Causevic appears in court Wednesday afternoon.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A report that will determine whether the man accused in a bomb hoax at the Jacksonville International Airport will be competent to stand trial should be released within the next two weeks.

According to a court order, Zeljko Causevic was ruled not competent for prosecution last November and was transported to a medical facility in North Carolina for treatment.

Now, evaluators at the facility are expected to finalize a new report on his mental state. If a judge finds Causevic is able to assist in his own defense, the prosecution can continue.

Causevic has been in custody on $1 million bail since October 2013.

Causevic was arrested on a charge of falsely telling a JIA screener that he had a bomb in his backpack