Transcript of Don Spirit's call to 911

911: Gilchrist County 911. What's the address of the emergency?

Spirit: Yes ma'am I, I um, I just shot my daughter. And shot all my grandkids. And I'll be sitting on my step. And when yous get here I'm going to shoot myself.

911: What's the address that you're at sir?

Spirit: 4550 Northwest 25 Terrace. Don Spirit. Every one of them are dead.

911: And you said your name is Don Spirit?

Spirit: Yup.

911: Alright Don, what kind of gun do you have?

Spirit: It doesn't matter what kind of gun I've got. They're all dead and when you get here I'll shoot myself and then you figure out what kind of gun it is.

911: How long ago did this happen, Don?

Spirit: I, I don't want to hear it ma'am. I'm done with every (expletive) thing. Just bring the mother (expletive) out here. That's all. You got all the kids are dead in the house.

911: Okay, how many people?

Spirit: Six kids, one adult.

911: Six kids and one adult?

Spirit: Yeah. One of them is a baby.

911: Alright Don, is there any way you can stay on the phone with me until I can get someone there to help you?

Spirit: What's that?

911: Can I have you stay on the phone with me?

Spirit: No. I. I'm not that I'm waiting for them to get here. When they get here I'm going to shoot myself on my back steps. Alls I'm doing is waiting for them.

911: So you're sitting on your back steps?

Spirit: Yup.

(911 dispatcher whispers): I need help.

911: OK. Don. Umm.