Folkston woman found; mystery remains

Missing for over 2 days, 34-year-old found near site of abandoned car

FOLKSTON, Ga. – The 34-year-old Charlton County woman who disappeared on Monday wandered into a man's yard Wednesday night.

Tesheka Campbell was taken to a hospital and was reported in good condition as law enforcement and her family continued to look for answers to what happened.

Edward Lloyd, 83, said he went outside about 8:40 p.m. to see why his dog was barking and recognized Campbell, crying and stumbling outside his home on Homeland Park Road -- not far from where Campbell's car was found abandoned Monday morning.  He invited her inside to wait while he called authorities.

"I pretty well recognized who it was from all the different news that's been going on," Lloyd said. "She made it around to the steps, but she couldn't get up the steps and I had to help her."

Lloyd and his son said she appeared dehydrated, was wet and had a few scratches, but no major injuries.

"The main thing she kept repeating was, 'What happened?'" said the son, Michael Lloyd.

That's a question the Charlton County Sheriff's Office, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and Campell's family is also asking.

"We don't know anything until we validate and corroborate and make sure the information is correct," said GBI Agent Michael McDaniel. "We are not going to release any information until we know we have all the information is correct."

Family members alerted police Monday after Campbell didn't show up to either of her jobs in Folkston. They said her car was found on the side of a road that family said she would never use. Her purse and cash was in the car, but her cellphone was gone.

Shauntae Campbell said officers came to the family's home to deliver the news in person that Tesheka had been found alive.

On Thursday afternoon, Campbell's sister still hasn't been told what happened and has not been allowed to speak to her.

"At this point right now, everything is still pretty tight-lipped," Shauntae Campbell, Tesheka's sister, said Wednesday night.  "But right now the most important thing is that she was found alive. We hope that we can get all the answers that we need. If anything was done wrong to her, we will still go after and look for justice for her."

When the news began spreading Wednesday night that Tesheka Campbell was found alive, family members posted relieved messages on Facebook:

"She's here she's here she's alive," wrote Crystal McCulloch. "My auntie is alive!"

"Tesheka Campbell is found our baby is alive," wrote Kenya Ham. "Nothing but the Lord."

Shauntae Campbell said her sister's disappearance is a reminder to be observant and help your neighbors.

"If you see something that's wrong, you may be the one who could save someone else's life. What happened with my sister could happen anywhere, so we just want everyone to know, look out for your neighbors, make sure you watch everyone and take time," Shauntae Campbell said. "If you see someone needs help, help them. It shows me that there's still so much good in this world. And I know that God is real, because he brought my sister home to me alive."