Jordan Davis' parents 'still in awe' at verdict

2 days after Michael Dunn convicted, teen victim's parents reflect

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After nearly two years of searching for justice, Jordan Davis' parents finally have some resolution. They're pleased that Michael Dunn, who stood trial twice for shooting and killing their son, has finally been convicted of first-degree murder.

Dunn, who claimed self-defense, will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

"I am just overjoyed, just filled with relief, filled with joy, and I'm just still in awe," Lucy McBath, Davis' mother, said Friday, two days after the verdict. "Still in awe because (Jordan's father) Ron (Davis) and I have discussed that we thought maybe would receive (a) manslaughter (conviction for Dunn). We were unsure of the outcome. And to get all 12 jurors to convict Michael Dunn exactly what we wanted -- we knew that was the verdict that justifiably we should have received for Jordan."

McBath and Ron Davis feel like different people now that Dunn has been convicted of murdering their son.

"I didn't think that I would get the verdict of guilty as charged because of the makeup of the jury," Ron Davis said. "I didn't feel that it was an equal jury, the makeup of the jury. But the one thing that I forgot about, that there is a lesson to be learned, is that God will touch the hearts and the minds of people, no matter what color of their skin. And they will do the right thing and they will look at the facts of the case and they will also look at and listen to the witnesses."

Jordan Davis' parents admit it was hard watching Dunn stand trial for their son's death twice, seeing the crime scene photos again and hearing Dunn testify that 17-year-old Davis was threatening him with a gun.

"He has always lacked remorse," McBath said. "Michael really believed in his mind that he was justified for doing what he did. And that is the sad thing: That when he has harbored this kind of animosity in these kind of emotions toward so-called thugs, as he deemed the children, then that was all he would be able to do and not show emotion."

Now Davis' parents feel they've prevailed. As they spent Friday morning at Friendship Fountain, their son's favorite place, they said they know he's smiling down.

"I just feel like in my heart that God blessed us," Ron Davis said. "He was a great kid, he was the shining star of our life. We will miss him every single minute of every single hour of every single day."

But "rest" is not in their vocabulary. They're determined to glean good from the tragedy they've endured.

"We have to promote gun safety, not just for Jordan and not just for the victims who have already died, but we have to begin promoting gun safety in this gun culture for everyone that may ever suffer this way," McBath said.

"You keep on fighting," Ron Davis said. "Don't let people tell you what you can't do."

Both of Jordan Davis' parents are now active with organizations to educate the community and change the laws. They include the Jordan Davis Foundation and Moms Demand Action.

News4Jax has tried many times to speak with Dunn's parents or defense attorneys, but they've declined.