Tallahassee police report provides details of November shooting at FSU

TPD closing the case; report reflects Myron May's state of mind

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Tallahassee Police Department released a 103 page report on Friday detailing the shooting at Florida State University in November 2014.

The report includes witness testimony, testimony from officers, and evidence collected during the investigation. The bulk of that evidence is what investigators found after they searched the home, cellphone and computer of the shooter, 31-year-old Myron May. 

DOCUMENT: FSU Shooting Report

May left three videos on his laptop. In the first, he describes how he's a "victim of harassment." He said the people harassing him wear dark sunglasses.  He also said he heard voices in his apartment narrating what he was doing at the time.

Myron May

In the second video, May (pictured) begins with a prayer and asks God for forgiveness.

In the third video, he said "life was not supposed to be people sitting in a control room manipulating how you live day to day." He felt he was "in a straight jacket in a standing room only space."

He also addressed the families of his future victims, asking for their forgiveness.

The report also includes testimony from the three people shot at Strozier Library.

Farhan Ronny Ahmed, 21, was sitting at a picnic table outside the library after midnight. The report said "he then saw a guy (Myron May) ... he noted that May had a stern face.  May then pulled up the gun and shot at him three times. The first shot severed Ahmed's spine.  One of the other shots hit his right upper arm and traveled into his torso ... landing four centimeters from his heart.  May never said anything to Ahmed."  

Ahmed is now paralyzed.

Elijah Velez, 18, was leaving the library when May shot at him. According to the report, "a bullet hit his bike which caused him to fall off it.  He later learned he had been grazed by a bullet.  The bullet went through multiple layers of clothing but only left a scratch."

The third shooting victim was

Nathan Scott

Nathan Scott. He was an employee at the library. He heard the shots and hid under a desk.

The reports says "he was under the desk when May came around and shot him in the leg (upper leg area). Scott saw him only for a second, and May said nothing before or after shooting him."

There's also the miraculous case of Jason Derfuss. He would have been May's fourth victim if it hadn't been for a textbook in his backpack that stopped the bullet. 

The report stated, "The bullet went into his backpack, through a paperback book and into a hardcover book. It lodged in the hardcover book and did not penetrate it. Had he not been wearing the backpack, and had it not been so full, the bullet would have struck him in the back."

The report also showed May was on campus four days before the shooting.  A student said he sat in the back of her class.  The teacher asked if he was a student and he became flustered, according to the report.  The student said he told the teacher he was a former student and was just "sitting in."  The girl said he was acting strange, staring at her.  The student said she identified that man as Myron May after she saw his photo in the shooting aftermath.

Police shot and killed May the night of the shooting. Officers fired 35 rounds and May was hit 24 times.