Man awaiting retrial offers info on cold case for reduced sentence

Randall Deviney says information he had involved Donald Smith


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Frustrated that he's not being taken seriously, a once-convicted killer awaiting a retrial writes again from a jail cell.

Randall Deviney is offering information on a cold case in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Deviney was convicted and sentenced to die for killing his neighbor, Delores Futrell, in 2008. That conviction was overturned.

Last month, Deviney wrote a letter to the state attorney's office, saying the information he had involved Donald Smith. Smith is charged with the 2013 murder of 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle.

Deviney showed little emotion as he walked into a Duval County courtroom for a status conference in his case. For the second time, he is pressuring prosecutors to make a deal in exchange for information about an unsolved case involving Smith.

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Deviney has outlined everything in two letters. News4Jax showed the letters to local defense attorney, Randy Reep. Reep is not involved in either Deviney or Smith's case, but said this is not unusual.

"Should he be given credibility?" asked News4Jax reporter Ashley Harding.

"Given his background, no. But given the access to people that people in jail have, you would be amazed at how accurate sometimes they are," said Reep.

The state attorney's office has said they won't hear any of what Deviney has to say. In his most recent letter, Deviney had harsh words for the key players.

He writes, "I've been subjected to malicious and infantile outbursts of rage from Angela Corey and her minion, Assistant State Attorney Bernardo De La Rionda. For which they have had to publicly apologize for. Angela Corey and Mr. De La Rionda have successfully transformed a courtroom into their own personal wild west show, overshadowing all the relevance of what I'm attempting to report to them.

"Also, please note that I am hereby withdrawing my original offer of a 23-year mandatory sentence in exchange for my information and assistance. My offer will now be reduced to a 20-year mandatory sentence."

News4Jax also spoke to Patricia Shaffer, a friend and neighbor of murder victim Delores Futrell. She believes nothing Deviney writes and said the focus should be on the victim, not the accused.

"She always had a kind word, she and her husband. They were just sweet people. Sure didn't deserve that," said Shaffer.

In response to Deviney's letters, the state attorney's office released this statement:

"The state's position in the Deviney case has not changed. As previously stated in court, the state has no interest in talking with the defendant about information on another case and the state believes the defendant is perpetuating a fraud on the court."

Deviney is due back in court next month.

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