Dozens of shots fired at Westchase Apartments

Police say only minor injuries in shootout outside apartments on 103rd Street

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – What police believe started as a domestic disputed Friday morning resulted in a shootout with more than 30 shots fired, but only a few of minor injuries.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office sent officers to the Westchase Apartments just off 103rd Street after getting calls about gunfire.

It's a complicated situation, but police say it comes down to a domestic dispute between a woman and her ex-boyfriend over a child they share.

Police said that woman and her current boyfriend were confronted by the woman's ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend at their apartment.

They said that the ex-boyfriend pulled out a pistol and shot at the couple four times, missing the man and woman.


The current boyfriend then pulled out an assault rifle and emptied an entire 30-round magazine at the ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend. 

"There was a knock at the door. They answered it and that's when the gunfight started and then they pushed it out into the parking lot," Lt. Jackson Short of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

The ex-boyfriend was shot in the shoulder and a ricocheted bullet grazed his girlfriend's stomach.

Another round went through a neighbors door as she was cooking breakfast just missing her.  

Though so many rounds were fired no one was seriously injured and everyone is expected to be OK.

According to police, the ex-boyfriend was transported to UF Health Jacksonville with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. One of the girlfriends and a woman was was sitting in a nearby apartment were hit by ricocheting bullets, but did not require hospitalization.

Police said that the ex-boyfriend was the only person facing charges in the shooting because the other man was acting in self-defense. 

None of the names were released at the scene.

Employees at Ducky's Car Wash, near the apartment complex, witnessed the scene as it unfolded.

"I was actually standing over there and I looked up and I heard gunshots. Somebody was shooting at somebody else who was standing over a little bit further. They shot off like 20 shots and then a cop came running around, I think from the fire station back there, and went over there and then the rest of the cops came up," Rose Ramirez said.