Police: 14-year-old shot in NW Jacksonville

Girl recovering at UF Health Jacksonville


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says a 14-year-old girl is in the hospital Thursday after being shot in Northwest Jacksonville.

The girl was shot on the 5100 block of Shannon Avenue after an argument among a group of people erupted outside a house.

Police say the suspect was a part of a group people on Shannon Avenue, including the teen and when the argument erupted the suspect pulled out a gun and shot her.

A neighbor said that he heard the gunshot and came outside to see what happened and saw that the girl had been shot but was conscious and crying.

Witnesses say the man tried to run but neighbors and bystanders chased the man down and subdued him until police arrived. 

News4Jax spoke to Crime and Safety Analyst Gil Smith about the shooting. He said with all the unnecessary gun violence in Jacksonville, the public should have called police. 

"That's kind of a dangerous situation because the person has a gun," said Smith. "The people who were chasing him knows that he has a gun and he could turn and shoot them also...so I would never recommend that you chase after a criminal who is armed."

Smith said in certain situations a decision has to be made on whether one should fight or flight when there are just seconds to react.

"If you see a large group of people outside in your neighborhood and their arguing, just keep an eye out for what's going on so that if something of a criminal nature does occur, you'll be able to give a good description to police when they arrive," Smith said.

Carolyn Wilson lives in the neighborhood with her kids and is worried for her children's safety. 

"Kind of scary because it's not only my children.  It's other kids that come around that play and go outside the apartments.  To me, I feel like that's kind of sad for a child to get hurt over somebody else's stupidity.  That's how I feel about it," Wilson said.

The girl was taken to UF Health where she is currently being treated.

Police are still investigating the situation and have not been able to confirm where the girl was shot, how many shots were fired or what kind of gun was used.