Local business burglarized 3 times in 15 months

Immigrant brothers trying to make better life devastated

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two brothers who moved to the U.S. from West Africa, with hopes to better their lives, said the business they started here continues to be torn apart.

They said thieves broke into their store Early Wednesday morning for the third time in the 15 months that it has been open.

The store, MJ Fashions, owned by Ben Ousmane, is on West University Boulevard, just east of I-95.

The store has an alarm system, but for some reason the alarm didn't go of. However surveillance video captured the crooks in the act.

At about 4:45 am, video shows them pulling up in a Dodge Durango, breaking a glass window and climbing through, snatching $20,000 worth of clothes off the racks and loading them into the SUV.

"He took everything here, here this is, full of clothes. He took all of this, everything on this table here, empty. All the new shipment for here," Osumane said.

The video also shows one of the thieves knocking over a big glass case full of watches and grabbing what he can.

Back outside, Ousmane tapes up a box full of glass and continues to sweep, his American dream shattered by crooks once again.

"I'm very hurt right now," Osumane said. "Every time you try to do something, somebody pulls you down. That's not right. We're going to make it. God is going to help you. You try to make it, God is going to help you."

Police have not been able to make arrests in any of the break-ins, but an officer took fingerprints again Wednesday and authorities are continuing an investigation into the burglaries.