Allegiant Air passengers trapped on plane for hours

Same plane broke down for hours with passengers inside, two days in a row

Tuesday afternoon dozens of passengers were outraged and drenched in sweat after having to sit in a plane for more than an hour on the tarmac of the Jacksonville International Airport for the second day in a row.

Monday afternoon Allegiant Air passengers were supposed to take off from Jacksonville International Airport, headed to Pittsburgh, but after an hour of sitting on the tarmac, passengers said they were told a mechanical problem prevented the plane from getting off the ground and the flight was rescheduled to Tuesday.

When those passengers got onto the rescheduled flight Tuesday, they said the same thing happened again.

Monday's flight was supposed to depart at 5:15 p.m. and passengers said they stayed on the tarmac for at least an hour before the pilot told them they would have to stay in hotels for the night.

According to the Allegiant Air website, that same plane and flight was moved to Tuesday at 2 p.m. and the same thing happened again.

According to Adrienne Fazio, a passenger on the plane, the pilot said the plane had a mechanical error, causing it to shut down.

"People were already skeptical if this is actually going to happen. Of course getting on the plane it was the same repeat scenario, no air, taking a long time to get proper headcount for the flight, and this time we actually started taking off, and you feel the plane accelerating and then all of a sudden things slow down and everyone started to get freaked out at that point. And the pilot said this is the same warning light came on yesterday," Fazio said.

Passengers said there were many small children on the flight, as well as elderly passengers, who were overheating. Passengers said they weren't given water until they almost left the plane.

Allegiant Air confirmed that they were aware of the issue and put the first two flight changes on their website, along with several others.

But passengers like Brenda Cunningham, who was headed to Pittsburgh for her sister's wedding Saturday, said that it was torture and that employees weren't doing anything to help.

"It was so hot and there was no air at all. There was babies on there that was just, everybody was just drenched. Like we just went swimming. They wouldn't do anything, nothing. They wouldn't let us off the plane," Cunningham said. "A lot of people kept saying, ‘I want off this plane, I want off this plane.' By God's grace I guess."

According to some passengers, people were so upset that security had to be called to the terminal.

When questioned about whether they would be receiving a reimbursement, Fazio said that what the airline offered wasn't worth the hassle.

"They offered like a $100 voucher, which means that you have to fly them again, but at this point, it's probably not worth the hassle to even bother," Fazio said.

The airline did offer to reimburse those affected for hotel stays and give people $8 for dinner Tuesday night.