Driver describes crash that sent his car airborne

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – An 18-year-old who had just dropped off pizza at a local business and was heading south on Blanding Boulevard on Saturday afternoon was suddenly confronted by a car turning left into his path.

"I had the right of way. He was trying to turn, and I tried to swerve out the way," Kyle Hinkle said. "He still hit me when I tried to swerve, and I ended up in the parking lot."

The Florida Highway Patrol said Hinkle's car left the road, went over an embankment and landed on two cars in the parking lot of the Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

"When I swerved, I thought, 'Oh, I was just going to be up in the intersection.' I looked and I realized I was heading into the parking lot and I couldn't do nothing about it because I couldn't stop at all," Hinkle said. "I was like surprised, because I was like, 'How does this happen?'"

Neither Hinkle nor the 86-year-old driver that turned into his path was hurt in the incident.

"It wasn't really scary it was just like, 'How did this happen?'" Hinkle said. "It was like hard to comprehend ... because it's kind of weird how you land on top of two cars."

Troopers gave the driver of the other car a citation for failing to yield. Hinkle got an experience he will never forget.

"I was pretty mad, kind of scared at the same time because I thought I was going to be hurt, but I wasn't. I was totally fine," Hinkle said.

Hinkle was back driving pizzas for Five Star Pizza Monday. He said he will be extra cautious out on the roads.

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