Snake causes power outage in Clay County

(Provided by Clay Electric)

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Clay Electric says about 5,000 customers were affected by the hour-long power outage Tuesday night that was attributed to a snake that crawled across a transformer.

Wayne Mattox told News4Jax the outage was caused by a snake that got into the utility's substation off Brannan Field Road. the snake crawled across a transformer tie-breaker, causing an hour-long power outage.

Mattox said the snake caused an arc flash when it made contact with the energized equipment, taking two transformers in the substation out of service and causing outages on five feeder lines.

He said personnel are checking the substation Wednesday morning to see if any repairs are necessary.

Mattox said a critter causing an outage is not that uncommon.

Orange Park District Line Supervisor Don Clark said all the rain lately has gotten snakes moving around and looking for higher ground. It's not unusual for reptiles and small animals to occasionally come in contact with the cooperative's distribution equipment and cause outages.

Power was restored by 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.