Company inspected after illegal dumping


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In the latest development in a News4Jax investigation of Floaters Portable Sanitation, the station learned the Health Department has now inspected the business the Duval County Health Department found was illegally dumping waste.n

Last week, the Health Department issued a letter of warning against Floaters after News4Jax obtained photographic evidence from a whistleblower of the company's workers dumping sewage at a Tallyrand dump station they were not permitted use.

News4Jax learned that Floaters was inspected on Wednesday. While the inspection was marked routine, it happened one day after Channel 4 reported that the dumping had sparked the attention of JEA.

JEA officials said they are still doing their due diligence to see if the company accessed its sewer lines, which it is not permitted to do. If they did, JEA could be owed hundreds of dollars in unpaid fees by Floaters.

The Health Department said its inspection of a Floaters truck found it satisfactory. The News4Jax learned inspectors also looked at the truck's records to see where it was offloading waste, which the Health Department doesn't normally inspect.

The department is also considering a new "best practices" policy after News4Jax reported that Floaters had sparse dump records for the three months before the investigation.

In the last five years, only one inspection at Floaters was found to be unsatisfactory.  That was in 2014 and the problems were considered minor and were fixed.

Floaters has not agreed to an interview, but a representative from the company maintains this is all a misunderstanding and the problem has been fixed.

They still have time to appeal the letter of warning. 


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