Bear attacks man, kills dog in Central Florida neighborhood

Man's pet Yorkie killed by bear

A bear kills a dog in Volusia County.
A bear kills a dog in Volusia County.

ORANGE CITY, Fla. – A bear attacked a man and killed his pet dog in a Volusia County neighborhood, officials said.

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The attack happened late Monday night on Hollow-Ridge Drive, south of Graves Avenue near Orange City.

Alan Bryant told News 6 that he let his 2-year-old Yorkie, named Tigger, outside when the attack occurred.

"He ran into the backyard, and I heard the dog start to yelp," Bryant said. "So I start yelling, 'Bear! Bear! Get him off my -- I assume it's attacking my dog."

Bryant said he tried to help Tigger, but the estimated 150-pound bear turned on him.

A bear kills a dog in Volusia County.
A bear kills a dog in Volusia County.

"When I came around the side, my big flood lights came on and that's when I saw the bear, and he was coming right at me," Bryant said.  "He knocked me down with one swipe and tore my jeans, and I've got bruises."

Bryant said his wife's screams distracted the bear, giving him enough time to get away.

Bryant was not seriously injured.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said traps have been set to capture the bear.  FWC spokesman Greg Workman said the bear will be euthanized if it's caught.

The attack comes just over two weeks before the start of Florida's controversial bear hunting season.

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