No prosecution for sheriff's office employees

Photo of Zac Zedalis family from his campaign website
Photo of Zac Zedalis family from his campaign website

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – The State Attorney decided not to prosecute a married Alachua County sergeant and detective following a domestic battery incident from July 2015.

The Alachua County Sheriff's Office responded to the home of Detective Zac Zedalis and Sergeant Kathy Zedalis on July 30. 

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement took over the investigation for an independent look at the case.

Over the course of FDLE's investigation, Kathy Zedalis accused Sergeant Kevin Davis of tampering or harassing her regarding her statements or testimony in this case, according to ACSO.

FDLE presented its findings to State Attorney Jeff Siegmeister, who declined to prosecute, citing "the interests of justice are best served in letting this be handled through the pending dissolution of marriage and any administrative internal affairs proceedings pending or to be instituted by the employing agency."

The Alachua County Sheriff's Office received a portion of FDLE's criminal investigation and is conducting an administrative investigation to determine if any conduct violated policy and procedure.

Both Zac and Kathy Zedalis will remain on paid administrative suspension pending the outcome of the administrative investigation.

Zac Zedalis is a former University of Florida football player who is a candidate for sheriff.