Hang glider dies during training session

Tomas Banevicius, 40, died in Marion County

Courtesy: Marion County Sheriff's Office
Courtesy: Marion County Sheriff's Office

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – A man died during a hang gliding training incident in Marion County on Tuesday.

Tomas Banevicius, 40, died at the Dunnellon Airport.

He was participating in a training session with U.S. Hang-Gliding Inc., which is a New York-based company training in central Florida for the winter season.

Detectives with the Bureau of Special Investigations responded to conduct a death investigation.

Preliminary information indicates Banevicius was flying a hang glider that was assisted by a power tow line system to build altitude.

During take-off, witnesses said his hang glider rotated right and turned down, causing it to crash.