Grand jurors expected to indict at least 2 in FSU law professor murder for hire case

FSU law professor Dan Markel shot point blank execution style

Dan Markel
Dan Markel

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A grand jury is meeting in the state Capitol to consider the murder for hire case of a Florida State University law professor. The investigation is far from over.

It was a day of opening and closing doors as grand jury witnesses came and went.

FSU law professor Dan Markel was shot point blank execution style in July 2014.

Sigfredo Garcia, 34, was charged with first-degree murder in late May. An arrest warrant for Miami gang leader Louis Rivera is still outstanding, but he's serving time in a federal prison on unrelated charges.

State Attorney Willie Meggs said the grand jury will meet well into Friday.

"Well, there's a lot of stuff to present that will take some time," Meggs said.

The murder followed a bitter divorce and came in the middle of a testy child custody battle. A probable cause affidavit lists ties between alleged hit man Garcia and Markel's former brother in law, who was involved with the mother of Garcia's children. The former mother in law is also named.

When the first arrest was made, police stopped short of calling the family members suspects.

Prosecutor Georgia Cappleman said her grand jury presentation will focus on the two men in custody.

"I am presenting an overview of the entirety of the case, so they can give me feedback on other suspects," Cappleman said. "So they have the power to indict whoever they choose."

Police said the case is ongoing.

"(We're) working as hard as we can. This is still an open investigation and we are just trying to bring this case to a close," Tallahassee police spokesperson David Northway said.

Neither Garcia or Rivera are cooperating.

At least one witness, cellphone records and toll booth surveillance video place the two men in custody in the state Capitol at the time of the murder.