Jacksonville business cashes in on 'Pokemon Go'

Autobahn Indoor Speedway lures in customers with Pokestop

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As 'Pokemon Go' continues to gain popularity across the nation, Jacksonville's Autobahn Indoor Speedway is racing to cash in on the craze.

The smartphone game uses augmented reality to place creatures and items in real locations, sending them out into the world in search of Pokemon.

Amiel Orpiano, of Autobahn Indoor Speedway, said they're getting involved with the game in an effort to bring in new customers.

"We put a lure module onto our Pokestop. And what it does is it attracts Pokemon. So, as a business, we thought it'd be a great idea, 'Hey, why don't we put a lure module during the week and see if we can get any business?'" Orpiano said.

As the result of the Pokestop, Orpiano said they've seen a spike in business, particularly among teenagers.

"I really think it's definitely a great thing for businesses and really a smart strategy for businesses, as well. Just that they can use the fact that if you have a business with a Pokestop you can gain attention as well," Orpiano said.

At Autobahn Indoor Speedway, they're even providing incentives to customers who come in to play "Pokemon Go." And while many people may not understand the game, a growing number of businesses are banking on those who do.

Even Orpiano is in on the craze.

"I am playing 'Pokemon Go' as well. I first started out with a Bulbasaur, and ever since then, I've been kind of addicted to it," he said. 

Autobahn Indoor Speedway said it will continue to have lure modules set up at certain times of the day and evening, especially as the phenomenon gains momentum.