GBI: Nurse practitioner illegally searched prescriptions

Nina Coleman Leonard, 62, arrested in Camden County

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – A nurse practitioner was arrested in Georgia for researching prescription drug history of two former employees, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Nina Coleman Leonard, 62, illegally accessed and disseminated sensitive information stored within the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program database, GBI said.

GBI began its investigation in early June at the request of the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency.

Leonard was authorized to access the database as a nurse practitioner but her searches did not fall within the boundaries of proper usage, according to GBI.

Leonard is the director of nursing and Allied Health professionals for LightHorse Healthcare Inc. in St. Marys. She turned herself in to the Camden County Jail where she was booked and released on bond Friday.

Attorney Joe East, who represents Leonard, sent a statement saying she "has the unfortunate distinction of being the first person that we are aware of that has been accused of violating the recently enacted (law) regarding Georgia's prescription data base usage. This law has come under much criticism lately due to its vagueness and the way it was written. The legislature is in the process of updating and amending the law."

East noted that Leonard has no criminal history and intends to plead not guilty and will vigorously fight the charge.

"Mrs. Leonard did nothing wrong and we look forward to appearing in court where both sides will be presented," East said.