Bearded Pig cooks up barbeque

Recipe for summer corn salad

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Bearded Pig stopped by The Morning Show and taught us how to cook up a summer corn salad.

• 3 Ears corn -  Grilled and removed from cob
• 1 Yellow squash – cut in half and julliened
• 1 Zucchini – cut in half and julliened
• ¼ Red onion small diced
• 6 oz. Champagne vinegar
• 3 oz. honey
• ½ cup basil
• ½ T red pepper flake

½ T pepper 

1 T salt

 ½ Qt. EVOO


• Turn grill on high and spray with pan spray to coat. Rub corn in a little canola oil and sprinkle with S and P. Grill corn until well blistered.
• Let cool and cut corn from cob.
• Cut squash and zucchinis in half and slice thin on mandolin
• Combine everything in a big bowl and toss until well combined

• VINAIGRETTE: Combine everything except oil in pitcher and emulsify with emersion blender while you slowly drizzle oil.
• Taste for seasoning may need more honey or salt and pepper.
• Toss veg in vinaigrette well to coat and refrigerate. ·