Matt Shirk to talk transition with Charlie Cofer, winner of public defender race

Charlie Cofer and Matt Shirk
Charlie Cofer and Matt Shirk

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Public Defender Matt Shirk and Charlie Cofer, the candidate who won last week's Republican primary by a 3-1 margin, are expected to meet to Wednesday afternoon to discuss transition of the office.

The meeting is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the public defenders office. Cofer aid the meeting could last anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours. 

Cofer said that while there is a write-in contender qualified in the November General Election, Roland Falcon,  write-in candidates rarely win, and he wants to start the transition planning as soon as possible.

Cofer said the purpose of transition meetings is to make sure things run smoothly in the office between now and Jan. 2 when the new public defender takes office.

Shirk said it's too soon to say what will come from Wednesday's meeting and told News4Jax to call his office afterwards for details.

In the meeting, Cofer said he'd like to talk about obtaining a place within the office for a transition team. He'd also like to speak with current employees and discuss budget issues with Shirk. He said Bill White cooperated when Shirk transitioned into the office eight years ago and hopes he will take the same approach.

Shirk's office recently let five employees go. State Attorney Angela Corey has already hired three of them and is in talks with a fourth.