Travelers continue bringing Zika into Florida

Department of Health reports 2 new travel-related Zika cases in Alachua County

Florida has 744 reported cases of the Zika virus, with 12 new cases involving people who contracted the disease outside of the state, the Florida Department of Health reported Thursday.

There were no new cases of locally transmitted Zika, with 56 previously reported. Health officials have identified two areas in Miami-Dade County, including part of Miami Beach, where they believe local transmission is occurring.

Investigations, including door-to-door surveys and targeted testing, are ongoing in Pinellas and Palm Beach counties and other areas of Miami-Dade County where people have contracted the virus locally. But health officials said the investigations have not identified additional "active transmission" zones.

Four of the new travel-related cases involved pregnant women, which is a particular concern since Zika can lead to severe birth defects. Florida has identified a total of 84 pregnant women with the virus.

There are another 604 cases of travel-related Zika, excluding the pregnant women, the Department of Health reported. The other new travel-related cases included three in Miami-Dade County, two in Alachua County and one each in Marion, Orange and Palm Beach counties.