Jacksonville barbershop turns voter registration hub

Local African-American leaders push to register voters before deadline

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville African-American leaders gathered at the Vixen Beauty Suites barbershop Saturday to register voters for this year’s upcoming general election.

With the new voter registration deadline approaching Tuesday, leaders in the African-American community are coming together to get more people to participate in the political process.

“Your ability to vote exercises your right to freedom of speech and your contribution to democracy and we have come a long way through the years,” Tony Hill, a former state senator and state house representative, said. “Don’t waste your rights. Allow your voice to be heard and get registered today. It's time for us to do the three Ts: Tune in, turn on and turn out."

Jacksonville City Councilman Garrett Dennis said voter turnout is essential to addresses systemic injustices for future generations.

“Come November, we will turn out the vote again for the candidate who seeks our empowerment and guarantees that future generations will no longer have to fear being locked outside of the classroom doors or inside of a prison cell due to systemic injustice,” Dennis said.