Trump quieter, but makes similar points in one-on-one interview

GOP presidential nominee gives interview, meets with first responders

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Speaking with Donald Trump before he took the stage at the St. Augustine Amphitheater Monday afternoon, the Republican nominee said he will win Florida, a place he calls his second home.

"I’m in Florida all the time. There are tremendous businesses in Florida. They employ a lot of people," Trump said. "They’re all very happy. They like Trump."

On the second day of his campaign swing through Florida, Trump said he thinks some people will wait until the very last moment to decide on their presidential vote.

"Tremendous numbers of people out there voting, but I hear we’re doing really well," Trump said. "We’re leading and we’ll see what happens."

While in St. Augustine, Trump held a roundtable discussion at the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office with group of first responders.

"These are brave people. These are great people. They keep us safe," Trump said. "And when we say first responder, we’re talking about sheriffs and we’re talking about all the people involved with your sheriff’s department. But we’re also talking about the paramedics, who are so important, and the firefighters."

The National Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed Trump.

"We had a fantastic meeting with the folks, (a) pretty large group of folks, and they’re very upset about the way they’re being treated, and I understand that fully," Trump said. "And they’ve endorsed me, endorsed me fully. I’ve been endorsed by virtually every police department and police group. And I’ve been endorsed largely, at least conceptually, by the military. We’ve had tremendous veteran endorsements because the veterans have been treated so unfairly."

Trump explained he feels he has more support among women than national media outlets report. He also said he thinks his support from Marco Rubio is helping the Republican in his bid for re-election to his U.S. Senate seat.

“I hear Marco is doing very well,” Trump said. “We have a very good relationship. I think he’s going to win. And part of the reason I think he’s going to win is because we are very much in sync. And we have very good polls in Florida, so does he.”

Here's more from Kent Justice's interview with Trump.

How would I as a media member, be part of “rigging” the system? 

Well, the system is rigged, and not you, but many of the media – it’s so dishonest. The polling is dishonest. We just came out with a big poll where I’m leading. It’s the most accurate poll. The IBD, it’s the most accurate for the last, I guess, three cycles. And we’re two points up. Two points up in another one. Three points up in another one, and the media doesn’t want to say that. You know they don’t want to talk about it.

IBD is the Investor’s Business Daily. Trump calls it the most accurate poll the past three Presidential elections.


What about polls showing a large disparity between Men and women in supporting the Republican nominee? Especially following allegations of misconduct in the past two weeks.

Well, I think people understand, their stories were just stories, they were fabricated, they were totally made up. Probably by the Democrats. They were probably put out there by the Democrats. But those things didn’t happen. Those were events that never happened. And probably, also, you read about my rallies, where they put violent people in, and they paid them $1,500 plus a cellphone. Nobody knew until about two weeks ago how that happened. And they put violent people into the rallies and people thought it was me and it wasn’t me. Probably the same people that did that, did these other charges. Which turned out, I mean, they’re just total lies. And I think most people know that.



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