Mother, baby killed in mass shooting to be laid to rest

Funeral to be held at Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Kadejah and Tedashii Williams
Kadejah and Tedashii Williams

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A mother and her baby killed in a mass shooting in Northwest Jacksonville nearly two weeks ago will be laid to rest Saturday.

Kadejah Williams, 22, and her 11-month-old baby Tedashii Williams were shot and killed Nov. 12 in a parking lot across the street from the Cleveland Arms Apartments. 

Xacia Burnem, 18, was also killed in the shooting. Burnem's mother said she was newly pregnant.

The funeral for Kadejah and Tedashii will be at the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church on San Diego Road at 11 a.m. Saturday, but family and friends gathered at the church Friday night for the viewing.

News4Jax attended the viewing and spoke with Kadejah's uncle and the family pastor.

Carl Williams, the uncle of Kadejah, said his hope if for society to wake up or law to be changed after the senselessness of the lives lost from the shooting.

"It's a tragedy. You have two young people -- 22 and 11 months old --  and they haven't even lived long enough to know what the meaning and purpose of life is," Carl Williams said. "So it's tragic all the way around for them and for the person who did it."

On a day when family members should be gathering for the Thanksgiving break, Carl Williams and the family were gathering at the viewing for Kadejah and Tedashii.

"It's bad for everyone," Carl Williams said. "Young people need to understand that the decisions you make are life-changing  and once you make those decisions you can't go back."

The sentiments have echoed throughout the community and by the family's pastor, Samuel Norris.

"Young people, sometimes they have no regard for life and guns are on our streets," Norris said. "There has to be some laws changed. Guns in the wrong hands are dangerous weapons. It's like our kids can pick them up anywhere on the streets that they picked up."

Carl Williams said he hopes this tragic incident will resonate with anyone who knows the family and the shooter, making people wake up and stop the violence.

"He's going to have to live with the thought that he took two women's lives in the babies life," Carl Williams said. "I don't know what it's like to wake up in the morning and think about that and I'm sure he is now but it's too late."

"I think there has to be a message to his friends and even his enemies. 'Hey is this what it's really about? Is this an example of a life mattering?'" Carl Williams questions.

Police identified Burnem's boyfriend, David Anderson, 21, as a person of interest. He's being held on $1 million bond.