Husband arrested in wife's death

Police found man's wife shot, killed in bedroom of Glynn County home

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – A man accused of shooting his wife to death was arrested Friday night, the Glynn County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to police, they received a 911 call in which a man was heard yelling for help in the background. When police arrived, Douglas Morris Morgan, 55, told them that his wife had been shot.

Police searched the mobile home on Willow Road and found Michelle Morgan, 48, in the bedroom dead from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Douglas Morgan was arrested and is charged with murder, officials said.

Walter Hoogacker owners the mobile home and said the couple living there were "good people," but were known to argue frequently.

"They were people that argued a lot and did a lot of not getting along," Hoogacker said.

Hoogacker said that he was renting the mobile home to the couple for very low rent to help them get on their feet. He said he would take care of the lawn and paid their electric bill as well.

"I rent to these people who do not have a whole lot, and give them a place to stay so they do not have to be homeless," Hoogacker said. "They don’t pay much rent, and they were behind on the rent, even with the little they have to pay. I try to be good to them and they were very respectful to me. They just couldn’t get along themselves." 

Authorities said they will return on Monday to look through a small pond on the property for a potential weapon.