Deadly gunfire during music video production caught on camera

Cellphone footage captures chaotic moments surrounding fatal shooting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dramatic cellphone video obtained Monday by News4Jax shows the chaotic scene of Saturday's deadly shooting at a music video production in Northwest Jacksonville.

Kyree Corley, 22, was killed in the shooting and four other people were injured when shots were fired from an automatic weapon as rap musicians Boosie Badazz and Baby Soulja recorded a video at Moncrief Road and Myrtle Avenue.

Police said three of those injured suffered minor injuries, but the fourth person was taken into surgery.

Police did not know how many shots were fired, the type of weapon used or even if the gun had been fired by someone who was at the event or driving by. According to the incident report, police are only searching for one suspect.

Many of the 30 people gathered at the music video set were filming on their phones, police said. Homicide investigators have asked bystanders to provide those videos to police to help them find out who opened fire.

“Word spreads throughout the neighborhood, and that’s why people came out peacefully to watch this video (production),” News4Jax crime and safety analyst Gil Smith said.

The cellphone video News4Jax obtained, which was recorded by a bystander who was watching the production, paints a shocking picture.

The 6-minute, 17-second video posted on Facebook, begins on a mostly sunny day with images around Moncrief and Myrtle, including a black van wrapped with Baby Soulja graphics.

WATCH: Cellphone video of gunfire on music video set

The man holding the camera phone seems excited to see one of his favorite groups shooting a video.

“That boy, Baby Soulja, ‘bout to do a song with Boosie. Video. Boosie about to come out here.”

One minute into the cellphone video, the man gets into a vehicle -- which he calls a truck, but which might be an SUV -- and chats with a friend about Boosie being from Duval.

At the 1:50 mark, some women walk by and the men begin to discuss the fact that a ladder has been set up and they think that one of the performers will be on top of a building.

Around the 3-minute mark, one man offers the other a lighter and they talk about “Duval coming up!”

At 4:10, a black pickup truck drives by and seconds later shots ring out from an automatic weapon. Some 20 shots or more are heard.

The men call out, “Is somebody shooting? Somebody is shooting!”

The camera tilts. The men are still in the vehicle, but are now ducking down. More shots and screams are heard.

“From the sound of it, it may have been an automatic weapon,” Smith said.” You have people shooting very quickly. Now people are just concerned about their lives. They are running, trying to take cover, looking out for kids, if they have kids in the area. When you see cars coming through, they aren’t aware of the gunfire, because you can tell how slowly they are coming through.”

People can be seen running away from something in the distance, streaming toward and past the truck.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. This s*** is crazy. What the f***. Daaamn. I can’t believe this s***, dog,” can be heard on the cellphone video.

Somebody else says, “Somebody got shot.”

The man in the truck says “A n***** got shot. A n***** got shot. I’m not believing this s***, dog.”

People on the street are stunned. A man dressed all in black runs awkwardly across the intersection.

Smith said that at first many bystanders might have thought the gunfire was part of the music video, but after the vehicle where the shots appear to be coming from drives off, people can be seen running to help victims.

In the cellphone video, a second man says, “Somebody laid out on the ground there, bro. That is crazy, my n*****, s***. That n***** laying on the ground, bro.”

The camera flips back to upright, the vehicle door opens and the video ends.

Smith said it's possible the video could provide some insight for investigators, including what vehicles and people were in the area at the time.

Smith said many people in the area are afraid to speak up because of fear of retaliation.

Police ask anyone with information or a video that was shot at the scene to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 904-630-0500 or CrimeStoppers at 866-845-TIPS.

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