New curbside recycling rules in place for Jacksonville residents

Plastic bags, aerosol cans among items that can't be recycled due to changes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Duval County residents should be aware of some new changes for curbside recycling. 

The City of Jacksonville sent out flyers to notify people of the changes, but some are still are still confused, and have even written the City Council for clarification on the new rules.

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News4Jax got the the bottom of it Tuesday.

Due to the changes, Duval County residents can no longer place plastic grocery bags or sandwich bags in their curbside recycling. It's the same with aerosol cans. 

City leaders said people weren't making sure their aerosol cans were empty, creating a fire hazard. They also said that certain plastics cause damage to recycling machinery, and are no longer able to be resold.

"I already knew that it was coming because I had read that they were not able to recycle a lot of the stuff that they were getting. And why do you want to waste money collecting it and then sending it to the dump? I should just go straight to the dump. I mean, that's just the way it is," said Mike Basford, Jacksonville resident.

Many local grocery stores will still accept clean plastic bags for recycling.

Residents who want to get rid of aerosol cans should make sure they are empty and then bring them to the City of Jacksonville's Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 2675 Commonwealth Ave.

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