Postal workers no longer deliver to short mailboxes in Yulee

USPS: Mailbox should be 41-45 inches high from ground to door

YULEE, Fla. – For some Yulee residents, checking their mail has become a source of frustration and a lot of extra work.

That's because postal workers are no longer delivering mail to mailboxes that are too low to the ground, even if the boxes have been up for decades.

After the mailbox modifications in Yulee, some people said they stopped receiving their mail.

Donald Butler on Friday told News4Jax after living in his Yulee home for 44 years, he had to change something he never thought would be a problem: his mailbox.

"I got a notice in the mail, saying my mailbox needed to be raised," Butler said. "So I went out the next day and raised it, like, 8 inches."

Butler said the new mail carrier, who drivers her personal car, needed the mailboxes higher so she could remain in her car and still deliver the mail.

"The box was too low, so when she pulled up by it, she couldn't reach it," he said.

The United States Postal Service said it has rules that must be followed in order to deliver mail, and there has to be a proper measurement from the door to the ground -- somewhere between 41 inches and 45 inches.

Jay Stevens said he has lived in his home for 40 years, and had to fix his box height after four decades with no issues.

Steven Hickman said he got a notice too and fixed his box the day he got it, because he didn't want to go a day without his mail.

"They left a notice in my mailbox saying my mailbox was too low and too far away from the road, so they said they would like it a foot from the road and 43 inches high," Hickman said.

Anyone has not been getting their mail or has questions about the regulations can call the Yulee Post Office at 904-225-5331.