2 sailors die 4 days apart in same Kingsland home

Indications show Kings Bay sailors died of drug overdoses, base officials say

KINGSLAND, Ga. – Authorities investigating two deaths of Naval Station Kings Bay sailors in the same home, one found last Thursday and the second on Monday morning, suspect they could be drug overdoses, a public affairs officer at the base said.

According to separate reports from the Kingsland Police Department, 25-year-old Brian Jarrell was found dead inside his co-worker's home on Spinnaker Circle after he was reported missing by his wife and shipmates tracked his car to that house.

Jarrell told his wife he wasn't feeling well while the family was at Disney World last Wednesday for his daughter's birthday. He said he was going back to the hotel, but when the family returned that evening, he was gone. His wife filed a missing person's report with the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Back in Camden County, friends began searching for him and found his car parked at fellow sailor Ty Bell's home. The friends called Bell, got permission to enter and found Jarrell in the back bedroom facedown and his body cold to the touch. They called police.

Four days later, a Navy chief went to the same Spinnaker Circle house when Bell had not reported to duty and didn't respond to phone calls. He could see Bell on the couch but Bell did not responded to knocking on the door, so the chief called 911. Deputies and rescue personnel forced entry into the home and found Bell with both hands on a phone and a white foamy substance coming from his nose. 

Paramedics confirmed he was dead and police began a crime scene investigation.

Kings Bay officials told News4Jax that early indications show the two men died of drug overdoses. 

One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, said their deaths were a shock.

"We're all families here. It's a very quiet neighborhood. With all the kids around, we never expected this, especially at that house," she said. "My heart is breaking for the families. I mean, they’re just young guys. I don’t know what took them down that road, or what possibly caused that, but it’s heartbreaking.”

Bell’s neighbor said she hopes something can be done after the tragedy, which she never thought would happen at a home on her street.

“I don’t know if there’s something going on around here or what has come into our neighborhood or into our community, bringing these drugs, but I hope they find out where they’re coming from and it gets stopped," she said. "It’s heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking, to have two young men just gone over something so pointless."

Kings Bay officials said they are offering counseling services for anyone at the base who wants them. 

When asked about drug testing policy, Kings Bay Public Affairs Officer Scott Bassett told News4Jax on Wednesday that all Navy service members are subjected to random and annual urine screenings. 

The investigation into the sailors' deaths is ongoing. 

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