Woman spray paints profanities on fence after political art stolen

Residents concerned about children seeing profanities

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A Jacksonville Beach woman who spray painted profanities on her fence said she did it to get back at the thieves who stole her political art, but residents who live near her said they don’t like seeing the profanity in their neighborhood.

Sonja Fitch said she’s been fighting to keep her 3-D anti-Trump art on her fence for the past two years. 

The profanities, which are written in red spray paint on the white fence near 14th and South Jacksonville Beach, have many people, like Robert Webster, concerned.

"It’s filthy,” neighbor Robert Webster said.

Fitch, who owns the home, said the spray-painted profanities is her own doing. When she saw someone had taken down her 3D anti-Trump art from her fence, she decided to spray paint the profanities on the fence in what she said was an effort to get back at the thieves.

Jacksonville Beach Mayor Charlie Latham said the city can’t do anything about the words on Fitch's fence, just the size and number of the political signs.

Fitch said the city told her she could have 8-square-foot signs every 15 feet if she moves her fence back 3 feet by Jan. 20. She said she plans on having her 3D anti-Trump art back up by Feb. 1.

Many people living nearby said they worry about children seeing the words on Fitch’s fence with her fence being so close to a school bus stop.

Fitch said having children be able to see the words on her fence was the hardest decision she had to make, but that she doesn't feel like the children are immune to what’s going on.

“If she eases up on the language, if she uses just plain English, that’s fine, but profanity, I don’t go along with,” Webster said.

Webster said it’s not Fitch’s political views he’s worried about, but her choice of words.

Fitch said she plans on painting over the spray-painted profanities on her fence by Wednesday.

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