I-TEAM: Septic pumps need to be replaced where boy died

Jacksonville officials say inspectors continue evaluating septic systems


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A city report released Tuesday to the I-TEAM shows that the septic system pumps at Bruce Park in Arlington need to be replaced.

The report doesn't indicate why the pumps need replacing, but that park's septic system is where a 3-year-old boy was found dead last month.

After Amari Harley's death, the city immediately replaced the lids on the septic tanks with concrete covers.

City officials said inspectors are continuing to evaluate septic systems on city properties after the boy's death.

The city inspected other sites and found problems with several pump stations, but the report the I-TEAM received does not mention any covers or lids.

Our investigation of those sites found problems with loose and rusted bolts.

Mayor Lenny Curry said he plans to make changes to the system and standardize all the lids and safety measures.

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