Despite what owner says, cat-killing dogs still alive, city says

Neighbors who say at least 10 cats were killed want owner to pay costs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A day after the owner of dogs believed to have killed at least 10 cats in Murray Hill last Friday said the dogs were euthanized, the city told News4Jax that the animals are actually still alive and in the custody of Animal Care and Protective Services.

The cats' owners had said that they want proof the dogs are gone and want the owner, Brandon Carlisle, to pay for their loses. 

The city said the dogs can only be declared dangerous by an appropriate authority after a complete investigation, which is still ongoing. The outcome of the investigation will determine the dogs' fate.

Surveillance video recorded the two dogs coming onto a porch of a home on Porch Street and killing a cat. The city is investigating several others attacked and killed in the area.

A police report identifies the dogs’ owner as Carlisle, who lives less than a mile from the dog attacks.

There were no new dog attacks reported Wednesday, but the cat owners said they want proof that those two dogs won’t kill another pet.

The city said the investigation will continue, even if the dogs are put down, and neighbors are concerned about a third dog what was seen loose in the area on Wednesday.

"I seen it this morning and then I saw it a few minutes ago," Dawn Davis said. "They called Animal Control to get them a few minutes ago and they still haven’t showed up."

News4Jax cameras recorded the dog under someone's house. Davis and other said that dog was attacking animals with the other two dogs.

"And now this dog is just running around. I had a butcher knife in my hand because I was scared to even come out and walk down the street from my home," Davis said. 

Pet owners believe there could there be more victims as there are flyers showing missing pets in the same neighborhood where the cats are being killed.

While the cat owners want compensation, an attorney said there are limits to suing a pet owner for compensation.

"They would absolutely have the right to file a suit or sue. However, cat and dogs are seen as property," said Elizabeth Hernandez of Randy Reep Law. "It would be to the limit of the cost of the cat."

Richard Adair’s cat survived the dog attack, but he has a vet bill for $450. Hernandez said Carlisle could be sued for that bill. However, if a person was attacked, the lawsuit could be more severe. It's called strict liability. 

According to the city, owners of a dangerous dog must:

  • Clearly visible warning signs at each entry point warning of the dog.
  • If the dog is maintained outside, a portion of the owner's property must be fenced with a secured perimeter fence, then a second fence at least 6 feet high at least 5 feet between all sides that remains locked at all time the dog is unattended.
  • Tethering or otherwise tying a dog to a tree or post inside the perimeter fence is not considered a proper enclosure.

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