Need alcohol delivered to your house for the holidays? There's apps for that

You never have to leave your home again


The holidays are a time when families come together. It can be a joyous occasion, but sometimes when your aunt is pestering you about when you're going to get married, your mother-in-law is criticizing your turkey or grandpa is snoring while watching the football game -- it's time to turn to alcohol.

The grocery stores can be madhouse in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, but have no fear. There are several apps that can deliver alcohol right to your front door.


Shipt is a website and app you can download to your phone which allows you to select groceries from select stores and have them delivered to your home. Store partners in the Northeast Florida area include Publix, Costco and ABC Fine Wine and Spirits. Delivery is free for members who spend over $35, so it's a good excuse to stock up on the wine.


Drizly is a website and app that is exclusively for alcohol delivery. The app allows you to enter your street address then shop for alcohol by category: beer, wine, liquor and extras. The price for your home will be listed directly underneath the alcohol of your choosing, and is only available in Jacksonville as far as the Northeast Florida area.

Publix Delivery

The Publix delivery service is a website and app that includes both Publix and Publix Liquor stores, and allows customers to have their groceries delivered straight to their door in under an hour. The first delivery is free, but the rest will cost you $5.99 per shipment unless you sign up their Instacart Express. Coupons are also offered on the top page of the site, for digital savings.

So enjoy that extra glass one wine, beer or stiff drink without having to deal with the madness of the grocery store this holiday season. Good luck with the family, and have a happy Thanksgiving.