UCF sorority suspended after new members told to ‘chug' pitchers of alcohol

Alpha Xi Delta incident occurred at off-campus bar, officials say

ORLANDO, Fla. – A University of Central Florida sorority has been suspended in connection with an incident at an off-campus bar, according to officials with the school's Office of Student Conduct.

In a letter dated Nov. 16 to Alpha Xi Delta, UCF officials said the Theta Sigma chapter of the sorority has been placed on organizational suspension for an interim basis effective immediately.

According to the letter, the sorority faces allegations of alcohol-related misconduct, which includes providing alcohol to someone underage; hazing; and possessing and/or providing false and misleading information and/or falsification of university records.

The alleged events happened after the Alpha Xi Delta "Big/Little Ceremony" in the fall, according to the incident report form from the Office of Student Conduct. The event was supposed to be alcohol-free.

A sorority sister confronted another in a group message app called GroupMe about pressuring a new member to “chug” a pitcher of alcohol at the restaurant Senior Frogs, according to documents released in the investigation.

The sorority member described other members “physically pouring alcohol down (new members) throats, ordering alcoholic drinks and making them chug." The reporting member said most of the new members being told to drink were underage.

A Alpha Xi Delta group chat on GroupMe after an alleged alcohol-related hazing incident.
A Alpha Xi Delta group chat on GroupMe after an alleged alcohol-related hazing incident.

In the group chat called "survival of the fittest" another member brushed off the allegations saying, “they’re adults, they’re not forced to do anything. They drank because they wanted to,” adding that “unless someone is dying I think it’s better to let fams do their traditions.”

The group chat eventually turned to a “game day” tailgate.

The reporter said she felt like she was being targeted by a few members of the sorority chapter's executive board after reporting the incident to them before going to the Office of Student Conduct.

The UCF chapter is prohibited from all activities, including fundraisers, socials, mixers, intramural competitions, recruitment, receptions, service projects and business meetings, the letter said.

The Office of Student Conduct held a hearing Tuesday at UCF and determined the sorority will remain on interim suspension.

A spokeswoman for the Alpha Xi Delta sorority sent a statement to News 6 about the UCF incident.
“At this point, we have no information to substantiate these allegations,” according to the statement.

“As UCF conducts its investigation, Alpha Xi Delta and the Theta Sigma Chapter will cooperate fully to determine if these allegations are true or not.” Read the full statement here.

“Alpha Xi Delta does not tolerate hazing and unlawful behavior, and we are fully committed to working in conjunction with the University of Central Florida and law enforcement to provide any information in regards to this ongoing investigation,” Alpha Xi Delta’s national executive director Elysia Gallivan said.

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