Mother of man killed in Orange Park hit-and-run says he was shot

Autopsy report corroborates her story

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – The mother of a man found dead in Orange Park said that her son was murdered, despite investigators originally saying it was a hit-and-run.

Dorrien Mann, 26, was found dead on Cappella Road in Orange Park on the morning of Oct. 17. The Clay County Sheriffs Office and Florida Highway Patrol said it was a hit-and-run, but Mann's mother, Helen Williams said the autopsy report says otherwise.

"It says that “Dorrien was shot in the head,” Williams said. "It turns out once they did the autopsy they were able to see that he had a gun shot wound."

The proof is on Mann’s death certificate. It shows cause of his death as “gunshot wound of head” and that he was “shot by other person with (a) handgun.” 

It's information that is difficult for Williams to handle.

"I was devastated and appalled because I'm thinking it's just a hit-and-run and I am not seeing it's more complex, so it’s devastating," Williams said. 

With this new information we went back to Cappella Road where the Mann's body was found. 

People who live in the neighborhood said that they thought this was more than just a hit-and-run.  

One woman said off camera she never thought it was an accident. 

"So when they say hit-and-run, we didn’t see anything," the woman said. "There was no evidence left behind. I just kind of knew something was just sketchy. Something is not right." 

Though this is an ongoing investigation, Mann’s mother said she could no longer stay silent about the gunshot detail. 

"I don’t want my son’s death to go murder to go unsolved I was hoping they had an arrest by now and I’m scared the case will go cold," Williams said.

Mann’s mother is offering $5,000 for an arrest and conviction for her son’s death.  She hopes someone will tell the truth: Who shot and killed her son?

People who live on Cappella Road say another reason they didn’t think this was an accidental hit and run: Random people do not walk in this area. It is too far from Blanding Boulevard.

Anyone with information about Mann's death is asked to call the Clay County Sheriff's Office at (904) 264-6512.

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