Jacksonville police arrest 7 'Johns' in Arlington prostitution sting

Business employees describe corner of Acme and Atlantic as 'prostitution row'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Seven men were arrested Thursday in a prostitution sting in Sin City area of Arlington, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said. 

The men, who range in age from 26 to 50, are charged with solicitation. 

According to the arrest reports, the men tried to solicit services from an undercover JSO officer posed as a hooker in the Alton Avenue area.

After the seven men told the officer what they wanted, and named a price, the take-down signal was given, according to the arrest reports.

Police said 30-year-old Chuma Steward and 38-year-old Terrell Johnson were arrested after each asked the undercover officer if she would perform oral sex for $20.

Johnny Morgan Jr., 47, was arrested after police said he asked the undercover office if she would perform oral sex and then have intercourse for $40.

Police said 41-year-old Carlos Rosario agreed to oral sex for $20 and then was arrested.

According to JSO, Eric Jones, 26, asked the undercover officer if she would perform oral sex for $30, and 41-year-old Dean Ritter asked the "prostitute" if she would perform oral sex for $20. They were both arrested. 

The seventh man, 50-year-old Mohammad Wais, was arrested after police said he agreed to have intercourse for $60.

Just blocks away from Alton Avenue, employees at businesses at Acme Street and Atlantic Boulevard described the corner as "prostitution row."

"A lot of the women stand out there and wait on people to come talk to them and see what they can negotiate," said one business employee who wished to remain anonymous.

On Tuesday, one woman was spotted at the corner, flagging down cars and then getting into them. Another woman was also seen walking the strip and getting into cars. The women told News4Jax that they were not prostitutes. 

The business employee said after a while, it's easy to recognize the prostitutes and their customers.

"The same faces. They mingle with different gentlemen and go about their business and vice versa," he said. "(They get) in and out of cars. You also see upstanding gentlemen in nice vehicles come around and pick one up and drop them off."

The employee said businesses in the area try to keep the store fronts clear of prostitutes because it's not a good look for business, but said they can't patrol the front all day and all night. 

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