Jacksonville's latest sales pitch to visitors: 'It's easier here'

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Visit Jacksonville, the organization responsible for promoting the city, is rolling out a new advertising campaign that bills the city as a place to unwind.

“Jax. It’s Easier Here,” reads the slogan, which the group says is a nod to the city’s “relaxing nature.”

“We wanted to convey the accessible nature of Jacksonville, while also communicating the diverse experiences that visitors can enjoy in our destination,” said Katie Mitura, vice president of marketing and communications for Visit Jacksonville.

The campaign is the brainchild of Visit Jacksonville and the Dalton Agency. It’s targeting markets here in Florida as well as those in the South and Northeast, like Atlanta and New York City.

Naturally, it aims to show off Jacksonville’s best side. It highlights everything from the city’s thriving arts scene to its selection of local food to its seemingly boundless offering of outdoor activities. 

Sure, all of those check out.

But the sales pitch rings hollow when it says visitors won’t have to deal with common inconveniences that natives have come to expect, such as “overcrowded beaches” and “unbearable traffic.” 

Don’t get us wrong, Jacksonville has plenty to brag about. But those selling points are up for debate.

The locals we spoke with had mixed, but generally positive, reactions to the campaign.

"What's easier here?" Jeremy Vaughn wondered aloud.

Another resident, Joshua Abott, said he thought it was an amazing idea.

"Jacksonville has really done a good job bringing new tourism in with the restaurants and new buildings, apartments and things like that," he said.

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