Will cheaper concessions at Jaguars games make up for higher ticket prices?

Season ticket prices increase nearly 11 percent for 2018

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An increase and a decrease: That’s what fans can expect next season at Jaguars home games.

Season ticket prices are going up, but some popular food item prices at the concession stands will be going down.

The team announced Monday that a number of items will be $5 at games. The team is also getting rid of the tarps, making more seats available, with season ticket prices for those starting at $45 per game.

Winning can make just about any change a little easier to deal with, and this ticket price increase is no exception. The good news for current season ticket holders is that their seats will cost less than what new buyers will pay in the same seating category, as part of the Jaguars' loyalty pricing.

Last season, Jaguars fever was back in full force -- so much that next season, the tarps will be gone and 3,501 more seats will be available. The team announced that Monday, as well as an average season ticket increase of about 11 percent.

"It’s not increasing it exponentially or anything. It’s gradual, which I think is a little bit easier on my wallet," said Matt Sheppard, a Jaguars season ticket holder.

Even with the increase, Jaguars tickets will remain among the bottom eight league-wide in terms of average cost. Part of that increase might be offset in another way.

In the past, when you walked through the gates here at the stadium, you knew there was a pretty good chance you’d be spending a lot on food during a game. As part of the team’s season ticket announcement Monday, it also announced that next season, just $5 will be enough for a few different menu options.

Jaguars fan Justin Rice said he thinks the cost reduction will help more families attend games.

"I believe so. The fan base has grown with the great season we had this year and we look forward to the next one," Rice said. "And obviously, cheaper food."

Sheppard agreed. 

"When you get to the stadium, you have those options that are more family-friendly and affordable, as long as they don’t raise the beer prices," Sheppard said.

Hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels, nachos, bottled soda and fountain drinks will all be $5 next year, according to the team. The Jaguars are also working to come up with some other food options that will cost $5. That fan-friendly pricing is similar to what the Atlanta Falcons did last year at their new stadium, with most items costing $5 or less. The Falcons announced that while lowering those prices, fan spending was up 16 percent. 

The Jaguars already have about 5,000 new season ticket requests for next season. That is compared to about 700 at this time last year. Current season ticket holders have until March 9 to renew their tickets. Deposits on new season tickets can still be put down on the team’s website.