Broward high school students walk out of class to protest gun violence

Students call for change in wake of mass shooting at neighboring school

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – South Broward High School students walked out of classes Friday morning to protest gun violence in the wake of the mass shooting 30 miles away at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Outside the school, students denounced gun violence, called out the National Rifle Association and demanded change to prevent another shooting.

“The NRA is not OK. The NRA is not OK,” students chanted.

South Broward High School students made their demands loud and clear.

“What do we want? Gun control! When do we want it? Now!”

One of their demands was to end the sale of AR-15 assault rifles, such as the one used kill 17 people at the high school in Parkland.

“I actually know people who go to Stoneman Douglas and they’re traumatized by the event," South Broward High student Emily Saiz said. "It’s impacting me now knowing people I’m close to are being affected by this.”

Hollywood resident Cecilia Campbell was the only adult who joined the teenagers in protest. 

“I’m going to come out and support them," Campbell said. "I heard them talking about continuing this protest. It should have been, in my estimation and their estimation, dealt with a long time ago.”

IMAGES: South Broward High School students protest gun violence

The students who were protesting said Wednesday's shooting has fueled a movement of change, and the message of change was directed at lawmakers against the idea of new gun control laws.

"You are responsible. You are responsible," students chanted. 

Without change, the students said, there is no hope for a safer future.

"We all need to go to school feeling safe and to get our education and learn. Killing someone and taking their life is not OK," South Broward High student Luke Jaijairam said. "We know better. We deserve better."

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