Train stopped on tracks snarls San Marco traffic (again!)

Drivers backed up to Miramar on San Jose Boulevard

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you had to travel through San Marco Wednesday morning, many of you were late getting to your destinations. A train stopped on the tracks, cutting San Marco in half along San Marco Boulevard and Hendricks Avenue over to the hospital zone.

It was a mess in San Marco.

Drivers basically parked along San Marco Boulevard and Hendricks Avenue. What appeared to be a train with the Florida East Coast Railway stopped on the tracks. Many drivers say they were stuck for up to an hour. And they say it's not the first time it's happened.
"It's frustrating because it's consistent," said Erin Stone, who was stuck in traffic due to the train. "It's really long. I've counted them before."
News4Jax reached out to FEC about today’s stoppage, but have not heard back. The railroad has publicly apologized in the past for extended train stoppages. But drivers also complain about the slow speed of the train on its daily runs thru San Marco.
"I have had clients that are late for work for appointments with me," Stone said.
An FEC spokesperson said trains can operate up to 45 mph in certain points but must slow down to 10 mph when going through rail yards. Some drivers said they have become accustomed to delays from trains in San Marco.
"Once a week or twice a week. If you're familiar with the area, you know secret ways to come in. It happens a lot," Stone said.