FSCJ involves downtown campus students in active shooter drill

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Some Florida State College at Jacksonville students got a lesson Monday on what to do if an active shooter comes on campus.

The drill took place at 9 a.m. at Advanced Technology Center at the downtown campus on West State Street.

The training consisted of a series of exercises to prepare the college for an active shooter.

Safety experts taught students how to prepare their surroundings as soon as they recognize what's going on.

The students were taught to lock the door, barricade it with desks and chairs, and turn out the lights.

"It's not always best to just run away," student David Harmon said he learned. "You have to actively stand in your own defense, and the traditional methods of hiding are useless."

The students then put what they learned into action. Sounds of gunfire filled the room to make the exercise seem more real.

Students also learned that running away may not be an option.

"I learned that the traditional method doesn't always work," said Seqoya Williams, who took part in the drill. "Fighting back works better."

Other classes went on as scheduled, but college officials alerted students that there would be additional safety personnel on campus for the drill, so they would not be alarmed.

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