Skunk reported stolen from St. Augustine home

This just stinks!

File photo (iStock/Coleman515)

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Almost every day, someone in Northeast Florida reports items taken from their car or home and even the theft of their identity, but it’s rare to find out a skunk has been stolen. 

That was the case for a homeowner in St. Augustine who keeps exotic pets in cages. 

The homeowner told St. Johns County Sheriff deputies he came home only to find his skunk, which lives in a cage in the front yard, stolen. 

Deputies said the lock to the cage was cut and left next to the cage. 

They searched the area and found no signs of forced entry onto the property. A large fence surrounds the property, so deputies believe the thief likely climbed the fence to get access. 

The property does not have surveillance cameras and the homeowner told deputies he had no idea who would have stolen the skunk. 

The homeowner told deputies he paid $300 for the skunk. 

After searching the area and coming up with no clues into the theft, deputies suspended their search.

The skunk theft was also reported to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer. 

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