Jacksonville Beach couple searching for hit-and-run driver

JACKSONVILLE, BEACH, Fla. – A Jacksonville Beach couple is taking matters into their own hands to track down a hit-and-run driver.

Jeannie Ambrose and her husband Mark Ambrose have an ad in the Times Union asking for help finding the driver who turned their life upside down.

Times Union ad
Times Union ad

Jeannie was badly injured last August when the driver hit her and then sped off. She remembers the night of August 17th starting out just like any other at Ocean Park apartments.

Ambrose was riding her bike in front of the complex just off Marsh Landing Parkway, when she was hit out of nowhere.
"This truck just comes whipping out, it's a blind corner, and just accelerates and aims for me,” said Ambrose. “I'm quite sure I just froze. He hit the leg, he smashed the bike, and I flipped over. And he just left." The report says the car that hit Jeannie is a black Dodge truck, and the passenger side mirror cover was torn off and left at the scene.

Injuries after the crash
Injuries after the crash


Ambrose's injuries were extensive. She suffered a pilan fracture in her leg, spending roughly 25 days in the hospital and has undergone six surgeries.

Her recovery is far from over, and she still has to keep her leg at a 90 degree angle. Her husband, Mark, has been by her side. He has tried to keep a brave front. 

On one especially rough day, he posted on Facebook, asking the community to help find the driver. A family member took that written plea, and turned into an ad in the newspaper.

"Frankly, I'd like to see this person arrested and tried for hit and run," said Ambrose. 

The couple says this has turned their life upside down, and they want to face the person who did this in court.

​​​ Before the crash, they lived an active lifestyle, and had planned to go to the President's Cup in New Jersey. Those plans are now on hold while Jeannie continues to recover.

Ambrose also tells News4Jax, immediately after the crash, a man did stop to help and stayed with her until emergency personnel arrived. She would like to thank that man in person for helping her in her time of need.

Jacksonville Beach police are investigating the crash. Anyone with information is asked to call: (904) 270-1667.

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