Hail can cause damage you might not quickly spot

St. Augustine insurance agent recommends inspection, prompt claims

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Severe weather hit parts of St. Johns County particularly hard Tuesday, pelting World Golf Village with golf ball-sized hail and flooding in St. Augustine. 

Many across the northern part of the county experienced a downpour of hail that littered lawns with chucks of ice -- even sending horses and birds hunting for cover. Some of the hail was larger, measuring up to 3 inches, and oddly shaped.

The frozen stuff packs a big punch that can cause big problems if not addressed.

"It’s usually the day after a storm that we get the big influx of calls with hail damage, not only to homes, but to cars as well," Benchmark Insurance agent Eddie Gorum said.

Gorum said large hail can cause problems you may not immediately see.

"A lot of times hail damage doesn’t only just damage the roof, it damages the gutters, it damages aluminum siding," Gorum said. "Here in St. Augustine, we have a lot of homes with aluminum siding that get hail damage that you don’t particularly even think of having damage to the siding of a home and calling your insurance company, but it’s something that you want to check for."

HOLY HAIL: Viewers's image of ice chunks falling from sky

Gorum recommends inspecting as quickly as possible as insurance companies want claims in a timely manner. 

"Over a period of time, you’ll try to file a claim for it, (but) it’s too late," he said.

Gorum’s advice is to inspect your property for any damage yourself, but also bring in a licensed insurance agent to do a professional inspection.