City worker at center of military flag controversy has exceptional record

Jacksonville personnel file contains positive evaluation

The city of Jacksonville compliance officer who is accused of disrespecting a veteran while telling Jaguar Power Sports to take down military flags displayed on its roof has been an exemplary employee, based on personnel records News4Jax obtained Thursday.

City code enforcement inspector Melinda Power is accused of being disrespectful to a customer at the Westside business who objected to her issuing the business a warning citation. Video of the confrontation went viral and sparked angry reactions from across the country. 

Both Power and her supervisor, who was in the business at the time, were suspended with pay while the incident is investigated.

"The moment that I learned there had been a warning issued for military flags flown near an American flag at a business, I immediately said to the city, 'We will not cite. There will be no warning,'" Mayor Lenny Curry said on Tuesday after the encounter went viral.

Curry said the city will work to clear up any confusion the ordinance may have caused.

Power's personnel file paints Power in a positive light. In 2016, Power she received a good review. She also described  herself as "polite and positive" with the citizens she encountered.

Power's 2017-18 performance evaluation rated her at 100 percent, citing her "ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in written form, including testifying in enforcement cases."

DOCUMENT: Melinda Power's personnel file

By Thursday afternoon, more than 3,500 people had signed a change.org petition asking that Power be fired. Both the customer who had the encounter with Power and the sales manager of Jaguar Power Sports have told News4Jax that she should apologize to veterans who were offended by her actions, but they don't want to her to lose her job over it.

Curry said whether or not she will remain employed with the city will be determined by what investigators found.

"If what saw (in the video) was consistent and turns out to be exactly what transpired, there will be additional action taken," Curry said.

There is no word on how long the investigation will last.

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