Loved ones march, seek answers in man's shooting death

DJ Broadus was found shot, killed

MACCLENNY, Fla. – Loved ones of DJ Broadus and their supporters marched in Macclenny, demanding answers in the 31-year-old's death.

With signs and balloons, family, friends and supporters organized, taking their message to the streets. That message is directed at investigators, pressuring them to get answers in the man's untimely death.

"DJ was, you can see, loved by a lot of people, loved by me, his sister, his brother, his friends. DJ was our storyteller, you know? He was the one that kept all the stories going in the family," said Broadus' mother, Delmesha Swain.

Broadus was found shot and killed on rural property off Southern States Nursery Road, just outside Macclenny. Detectives questioned one person with connections to the property, but no charges were ever filed.

Broadus' loved ones and advocates say the person who was questioned has ties to a prominent Baker County family, and think that may have protected him from being arrested.

"It still could have happened to me, him, you, anybody," Tarrez Seabrooks said. "It doesn't matter what color it is, you know? It's just sad that he didn't get no justice, man. It's real sad."

Rally participants started at a local church, making their way through town to the county courthouse. The crowd included advocacy groups from around the state and the country, many of them, including Broadus' father, calling the situation following his death "an injustice."

"This is something I need to do -- we need to do," said Dominic Broadus Sr. "Not only for me, but for people in the future, too. This isn't a part of the American legal system. There's no way I should not know what happened to my son by now after 77 days."

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement released a statement Saturday, saying it cannot comment in order to "ensure the integrity of the case."

It did say, once the case is no longer active, all information can be provided to the family of Broadus and the public.