The Landing owner sues city over docks damaged in hurricanes

No repairs have been made, boats have limited dock space

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The owner of the Jacksonville Landing has sued the city because of damaged docks along the Northbank riverwalk.

Sleiman Enterprises, the company that owns The Landing, has filed a motion seeking injunctive relief in response to damage done to the docks during Hurricanes Matthew and Irma. No repairs have been made since the hurricanes, and boats have very limited dock space.

Court documents filed by Sleiman Enterprises state the docks are the responsibility of the city, and say the city is not holding up its end of the lease agreement with The Landing.

Toney Sleiman, the owner of Sleiman Enterprises, has asked the court to order the city to make repairs.

City leaders told News4Jax last week they are still assessing the docks as well as working with insurance companies and FEMA to make repairs.

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