Dealership backs city's decision to suspend code inspector

Melinda Power suspended for 10 days without pay over military flag flap

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – City code enforcement inspector Melinda Power started a 10 day suspension Monday in response to a military flag flap at a Westside dealership.

It comes after Power issued a warning citation for Jaguar Power Sports' rooftop display, which contains American and military flags, saying it violated city code. Surveillance video also showed a heated exchange between Power and a combat veteran, who happened to be in the store.

ORIGINAL STORY: City suspends code inspector

The City of Jacksonville determined Power's behavior at Jaguar Power Sports was disrespectful and offensive. Further such behavior could result in her dismissal.

News4Jax spoke to the sales manager at Jaguar Power Sports on Friday about the city's decision to suspend Power.

"I think our stand from the absolute beginning was that they [the city] were going to do what they needed to do," Marcy Moyer, sales manager at Jaguar Power Sports, said. "It was never our hope or our intention to cost anyone their job."

Two weeks ago, the city made a decision to no longer cite military flags, regardless of the case.

"There's always something positive - sometimes you have to look for it," Moyer said. "I think that anybody who is in public service should know better and hopefully will handle themselves better in these type of situations."

Power's supervisor Charles Sanders was on a three day suspension from Monday through Wednesday. His suspension was for allowing the incident to escalate.

Both of the suspensions exclude pay.

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