New deadline for St. Augustine Beach renourishment

Crews hope to finish by late June

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ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – The Army Corps of Engineers in St. Johns County have set a new deadline for a beach re-nourishment project at St. Augustine Beach.

The project started late last year but the completion date of the project kept getting pushed back.

The new goal is for the project to be ready by the end of June, just in time for Independence Day celebrations. There have been multiple delays due to weather conditions.

The crews are working between Hope Road and the pier until about mid-May. After that, crews will pick up again from the pier to 15th Street until June 5. From June 5 until the end of the project schedule, crews will work from 15th to 9th streets.

Eighty percent of the project will be covered by the federal government. The rest of the 20 percent comes from state and local funding.

Some neighbors have been watching the project, hoping it will be finished soon.

"We know it's going to help the beach in the long run," Lauren Goedelman said.

Other neighbors are questioning how well everything will hold up.

"I'm happy with it getting done," Joey Wages said. "I'm also concerned about hurricane season. This is all going to be gone right after hurricane season."

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